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Show What You Know

Project Description

In the Show What You Know project, students share what they have learned or understand about any topic, concept, scientific phenomenon or event they think is important for others to learn about.

  • Students create a podcast, mini-documentary or infographic
  • Great for middle and high school STEM, Health, History, ELA and more
  • About 1-3 weeks to complete
  • Submissions accepted year-round

Authentic Audience

Middle and high school students are invited to publish their work to the public Youth Media Challenge Showcase. Select youth media may be shared on KQED digital and broadcast channels and via PBS and NPR member stations around the country.

two students looking down at a piece of paper, one holding a microphone and wearing headphones

What Do You Wish Everyone Knew More About?

Students: Share your voice, expertise or curiosity about a topic, issue or event you care about. What do you think is important for others to know? Is there something you learned that you want to explore further? This is your chance to inform, inspire and educate others!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Choose Media Format and Get Curriculum

    Students can make a podcast, mini-documentary or infographic with these ready-to-use, modifiable curricular supports. Find everything you need by media format here:

    Show What You Know: Podcast

    300-500 words, 1-3 minutes

    Show What You Know: Mini-documentary

    300-500 words, 1-3 minutes

    Show What You Know: Infographic

    Single panel, digital graphic

    Resources and Support

    More Project Resources

    Find tool/software tips, learn how to share this project with your school community and more.

    Media Skills for Educators

    KQED Teach offers free workshops and self-paced courses on media-making and implementing and assessing student media projects.